Winona Pure

  • Winona Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil spray is a healthy oil you can use on everything. It has a rich, robust taste that is ideally suited for many uses. It is paleo diet approved! Indulge in your favorite foods, just replace the heavy sauces and fatty dressings with Winona Pure.

    Heating: Extra Virgin Olive Oil smoking point is at 190°C

    ** Spray on a salad, stream over a bed of pasta or drip generously over a caprese salad.

  • Winona Pure Popcorn Butter Oil

    Zero saturated fat but keep your popcorn tub full of a delicious and natural buttery taste that is totally Dairy-Free. Spray and stream over your hot popcorn for the perfect cinema popcorn taste at home!

    Try Winona Pure Popcorn Butter on your veggies or meats for a kick of rich buttery flavour! It will enhance the flavour of your meal.

    Made with non-GMO canola oil!

    **Spray, stream, or drip over popped popcorn, corn-on-the-cob, veggies or a baked potato.

  • Winona Pure Canola Oil

    Pure non-GMO canola oil. Spray directly on your food before cooking to help prevent sticking and to boost flavours. Pure canola oil is one of the best oils for HEART HEALTH. It is low in saturated fat and high in healthy unsaturated fats. Use Winona Pure Canola Oil when you grill, fry or bake and not feel guilty for adding oil to your dish!

    Heating: Canola oil is excellent for grilling and frying. With a smoking point at 200°C .

    **Spray onto a piece of fish before grilling or generously stream onto veggies before pan frying.

  • Winona Pure Sunflower Oil

    Winona Pure’s Sunflower Oil is low in saturated fat and ideal for frying . Sunflower oil contains an antioxidant linked to strong immune function and HEALTHY ARTERIES. Our Sunflower Oil can be a part of your plan for a HEALTHY HEART.

    Heating: Ideal for frying, can heat up to 250°C.

    ** Spray your stir-fry veggies with our sunflower oil and pan sear them, stream onto whitefish and pan sear, drip over asparagus and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes at 150°C.

  • Winona Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

    Pure Coconut Oil is considered one of the most healthy cooking oils. The uses for this product are endless: sauté, fry, grill and bake all of your favourite foods with our pure extra virgin coconut oil.

    Spray on dry skin and hair for extra moisture! This coconut oil is high in beneficial MCT’s and naturally derived from coconuts. Your wish is our command…Pure coconut oil in a convenient spray bottle with NO chemical propellants.

    Heating: Coconut Oil should only be heated to 180°C before smoking point.

    **Sauté red peppers and onions to top on a taco salad, stream over popcorn and add a little sea salt or drip generously into a recipe as a healthy addition to your diet.

    Excellent as a spray on skin/hair moisturiser